Daily Dose of Courage – 13 April 2020

The twelve tribes of Israel are conceived in sin, competition, oppression (Bilhah and Zilpah are victims of some very peculiar sexual sins here), fornication and desperation. Everywhere you look in this storyline there is human weakness and wickedness and yet it is all bound together in the gracious faithfulness of a covenant keeping God. Only God could bring something beautiful out of all of this, and He does! It is amazing to consider that for future generations, God was happy to be named as the God of Jacob! That isn't a testament to the faithfulness of Jacob, but it is God showing His people that He stays faithful to even the most wayward of sons.

Daily Dose of Courage – 11 April 2020

People are now locked away with the demons and temptations that don't respect social distancing. I am saddened to hear of and see the impact that is having on people who are tired of fighting those demons and who ordinarily used the warm light of community as a place to temporarily escape them. Now, they live with us, all the time, and we cannot leave.

Daily Dose of Courage – 10 April 2020

Jesus prays not because He is superhuman, but because He is human. It isn't a sign of His strength that He rubs our nose in, it is evidence of His dependence on the Father that He invites us into. His early morning prayer session isn't the separated hours of spiritual practice reserved for an unhurried monk, but rather it is the life giving retreat of a very busy shepherd.

Daily Dose of Courage – 7 April 2020

There is a difference then between the Spirit's gifts and the Spirit's fruits. The gifts are just that...gifts, given to us as a kindness of God. The fruits though require life long growth and care. They grow out of a life of walking in the Spirit. This should still be our focus and desire, that we would grow fruit. If God has given you remarkable gift, great! Be humble, be thankful, be faithful, and walk a life that focuses on fruit and not just gift. I have met too many Christian leaders who are incredibly gifted and also jerks. The reason for this is that we celebrate gift over fruit.

Daily Dose of Courage – 6 April 2020

The story of the covenant people of God in Genesis is a story of God's faithfulness to a people who are fighting to survive. They are exiles, sojourners, almost everywhere they go, and they face the steepest odds in every land - not to mention the odds they lengthen through their own sin - and yet they cling to a promise that God will sustain them, bless them, increase them, and get them home. That is the story arc of all of the people of God, but we forgot the whole exiles and sojourners part of it.

Daily Dose of Courage – 5 April 2020

Much like David, I know what it feels like to wait for the Lord. His timing and mine don’t seem to work off the same clock and there have been long seasons in my life when I have wondered what He was up to, or if He was even still there. Much like David, I can testify that He always answers, and He always pulls me up out of the mud and mire that I have gotten myself into.

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