Daily Dose of Courage – 4 May 2020

I really don't like waiting. But, the Bible, and life, is full of waiting. Waiting is an essential part of knowing God, of following Him, of trusting Him. Waiting isn't a waste, hurrying to something before you should, is.

Daily Dose of Courage – 3 May 2020

We live in a very “custom” age. We can trick anything out to bespoke levels so that we can always have something just the way we like it. From cuts of jeans, to specs on cars, everything can be made to tickle our particular desire and fancy. It has made us into quite a demanding people actually. People whose needs need to be met, because that is what we are used to. We have brought this attitude into our worship of God, and even into our general attitude toward God.

Daily Dose of Courage – 30 April 2020

I have found myself in parts of this season just wishing that it will be over soon, rather than figuring out how to press in, in faith, in the midst of it. I have said it, and heard it said quite a lot over the last couple of weeks, "Oh, as soon as this is over." "I just can't wait for this to just be over." "Let's just get back to normal."

Daily Dose of Courage – 29 April 2020

Some days, the Bible speaks to you in vivid pictures of deep meaning and resonance. Every line in every verse feels as if it is probing the depths of your soul and leaving you vulnerable and exposed, as well as confident and assured. Some days it is just obvious how living and active the Word of God is. On other days, your bible reading is from the first three chapters of 1st Chronicles.

Daily Dose of Courage – 27 April 2020

Sin leaks, and creeps, and repeats. The multi-generational narrative form of the Old Testament doesn't hide this from us, in fact, it paints it vividly in painful details of children living with the consequences of their parent's sins and, all too often, allowing those sins to form patterns that they live out themselves.

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