Building a Preaching Team – Part II: Calendars, Rhythms and Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Some time ago I wrote about some of the reasons that we were beginning to pursue a preaching team strategy at BBC. You can find that article here. It got a fairly significant and diverse response from right across the world. The responses mixed from applause to cynicism, but behind all of those responses lay a... Continue Reading →


Messy Grace Blog – Sanctifying Singleness

A couple of weeks ago, we spoke about Singleness from 1 Corinthians 7 and how the church should do better at discipling singles in a sermon titled "It's Complicated" - Sanctifying Relationship Status. After this sermon, one of our congregants, Gareth Brady, emailed me and shared how he and his wife Robyn wanted to disciple singles in their community, as he... Continue Reading →

Sermon Notes – The Good Life, Part 1: Glad God?

In this sermon series we are taking time to examine a theology of joy, happiness and contentment in the life of the Christian. Why does Paul command us to rejoice? What are we supposed to rejoice in or about? How can our faith bring about a genuine gladness in God regardless of what we might go through?

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