Different Church: The Crowded House (Sheffield, England)

The English have a bit of a reputation for being a slightly chilly bunch when it comes to relational warmth, and churches like this one can fight that cultural norm and point to the gospel while doing it.


Sermon Notes – 30 July 2017 – 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 – Naturally Supernatural

Week 1 in our series on Spiritual Gifts and how they are to be used in the church.


Sermon Notes – Messy Grace (1 Corinthians), Part 1: Unstoppable

In week 1 we looked at how the church in Corinth got its start, and how that encourages us today to persevere in the work of making disciples and planting churches.


Sermon Notes – 18 September 2016 – Friendship or Fear (David and Jonathan)

The topic of friendship seems to be one that is underdeveloped and understood in theological circles. We looked at one of the world's greatest friendships in this sermon. I hope the notes from the message serve you well. the-life-of-david-part-3-friendship-or-fear


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