Daily Dose of Courage – 26 April 2020

Short daily devotionals for the socially distanced. These are thoughts from my daily time in the word. I use a bible reading plan that will have me in a different section of Scripture every day.

I hope they serve to give you courage and hope. You can subscribe to receive them as a daily email at the bottom of the page.

Sunday, April 26th

Reading: Psalms 48-52

10  For he sees that even the wise die; 

the fool and the stupid alike must perish 

and leave their wealth to others. 

11  Their graves are their homes forever, 

their dwelling places to all generations, 

though they called lands by their own names. 

12  Man in his pomp will not remain; 

he is like the beasts that perish. 

Ps 49:10–12 (ESV)

In a world where systems are built around the notion of simply acquiring more and more and more until you die, and where those who have acquired the most, or have the appearance of having acquired the most are lauded as heroes, Psalm 49 cuts right against the grain and exposes the futility and folly of wealth as the basis for identity, worth and joy.

No matter how much wealth one acquires, it will never be enough to save you from death (v7-9). The same fate befalls the rich and the poor (v10-11). Nobody is super impressed by the guy with the fanciest tombstone.

It is quite sobering, and I think that in this season, God is reminding us of it again. So much of our life is centered around trying to establish something that God warns doesn’t matter nearly as much as think it does. Everyone dies, rich and poor alike, and we don’t get to take any of our earnings from this life into the next. It is just for now, and then it is gone.

The answer then is not to be poor and to find identity in that, but rather to look to the one who can save you from death, and is able to ensure that we don’t see decay, and to find your identity, worth and joy in Him. Jesus is abundantly rich but made himself poor to come and redeem us.

Everyone gets put in the grave, but not everyone will walk out of it into eternal riches.

If you will, then that’s a certain identity that won’t fail you. That’s why the scripture can tell us not to build up treasures here on earth, but rather to build it in heaven, where it is secure.

Will we embrace the offer of a priority reset that is before us in the face of a pandemic? Will we love for things that will last beyond the breadth and breath of our short lives?

Courage, dear friends.

One thought on “Daily Dose of Courage – 26 April 2020

  1. Todays message reminds me of a song “House of Gold”. I’d rather be in a deep dark grave and know that my poor soul is saved than to live in a house of gold and deny my God and lose my soul. Thank you for your messages each day.

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