Week on The Web – 22 February 2019

Dr. Moore writing in the New York Times after the recent SBC revelations.

I am so thankful for this man.

Rachael Starke responding to Dr Mohler on the same issue.

Rachael has been a powerful and consistent voice on behalf of victims of sexual assault and abuse in the church. I was very grateful for Mohler’s posture, repentance and humility.


A very interesting perspective on divorce and remarriage.

Especially pertinent given the text we will study together on Sunday.

When a so-called pastor melts down purity rings to make a statue of a vagina.

I cannot actually fathom the craziness and demonic darkness of this story. I too have been a critic of how we fell short of helping people in purity culture. But this. This is crazy.

Painful read on a girl who left the UK to join ISIS.

Crazy, dark, sad and did I mention crazy? Unbelievable how ISIS is able to brainwash people.

What Austin is like for an ethnic minority.

It is important to stop and consider how Austin is experienced differently by different people groups.

Rugby is hardcore and it needs to change.

Rugby greats are calling for some radical law changes in the game of rugby. The size of players just keeps increasing with professionalism and the impacts are leading to horror injuries.

Beautiful piece on the power of community and the dangers of increasing isolation in society.

Brilliant writing. Lots of space for church communities to step into this.

What was it like to pastor at 17.

I love HB Charles. He was called to preach at 17. Here we speaks a bit about what it was like.

Beautiful football piece.

Just a beautiful telling of a story of a local football coach who played in the NFL and is doing his best to glorify Jesus in his coaching. Great read.

2 thoughts on “Week on The Web – 22 February 2019

  1. I wrote the article titled “Will You Listen to Us Now” and am blessed that you found it helpful. One important clarification – I am different Rachael. 🙂 Rachael Denhollander and I have met and we a few things in common, including how we spell our name. It’s always an honor to be mistaken for her online, but wanted to set the record straight.


  2. Ha! Thanks Rachael and apologies! Will correct. The twitter reference to the other Rachael threw me off completely!!


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