Week on the Web – 18 January 2019

Every now and then I like to collate some of the stuff that I have found interesting on the web in any given week. These are not endorsements, but rather just a starting point for anyone who perhaps would be seeking some broad weekend reading. Enjoy.

Black and White Churches in America

Thabiti Anyabwile writes briefly on some origins and base assumptions of black and white Christians communities and traditions in America. Helps to understand some of the chasm in expression today.

Not All Protestant Missionaries Were Colonial Overlords

A friend of mine recently connected me to ongoing sociological research of Robert Woodberry. It has been uncomfortable and astonishing for me to read it as the data has been eroding many of my base assumptions. As a South African, it was interesting for me to note that elsewhere Woodberry points out that Dutch Protestant Missionaries seem to have been an exception, in that the cultures in which they ministered experienced further subjugation as a result of their presence.

Artificial Intelligence Use in China and Some of its Disturbing Possibilities 

Yikes. Just yikes. To think of educators relying on AI to know when their students are engaged, and to think of the possibilities of all the data that our faces generate all of the time. Yikes.

Traditional Masculinity Hurts Boys

Um sure, if you describe traditional masculinity as being a meathead. I read this before the Gillette commercial came out this week, and for me this article and the Gillette commercial leave me with the same sense. Yes, that straw man caricature of masculinity is dumb and harmful. But who exactly is defining masculinity by those characteristics? We need better and more nuanced discussion around this.


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