Week on the Web – 17 August 2016

I benefit a great deal every week from some helpful and insightful articles on the internet, and so I thought it might be good to create a weekly forum where I could share some of those that I found interesting, challenging or inspiring. These are in no way an endorsement of all of the content or everything that the writers may stand for, but rather just a sharing of the love, passing on things that have got me thinking during the week. Let me know if you find any of them useful.

The Mundanity of Excellence

Like so many, I have been glued to the coverage of the Olympics. The athletes really do seem superhuman and that can be discouraging in our own development as people as they seem to possess fundamental traits that the ordinary person doesn’t have. That they are especially gifted is true, but behind the scenes there have been many hours of mundane slogging away at a skill. Eric Geiger puts it brilliantly here as he always does.

Come Down: An Invitation to White Christians

Clearly written for an American audience but convicting to me none the less. I have lots of questions on the implications of using the biblical story of Zacchaeus to address privilege, but I thoroughly enjoyed this article and found it helpful in calling white Americans to at least engage in the conversation from a position of gospel-fuelled humility and thankfulness.

Mega Churches Spending Megabucks

Preston Sprinkle (who is turning into one of my favourite writers) asks some awkward questions of the way that many of our churches are spending their money. Lots of food for thought here for church leaders

F-Bombs and Bikinis

Preston Sprinkle again on the patience of grace and the patient path to real holiness.

Bonhoeffer on Discipleship and Leadership Development

Daniel Im summarises the principles that Bonhoeffer put in play in his discipleship of others and his development of leaders. Bonhoeffer as a figure is so inspiring to me and his writing rebukes me often for the ways that I have pulled discipleship away from personal relationship.

One thought on “Week on the Web – 17 August 2016

  1. Loved the article on church spending brother. In fact we just recently spoke about how principles of responsible spending and transparent reporting in the corporate world through guidance such as the King III and IV frameworks can be (and maybe should be) applicable to churches. It seeks to promote transparency in reporting and hold (corporate) firms publicly responsible for how they run themselves, who and how are people are kept accountable and lastly whether firms are spending money on the right stuff. (It’s currently part of listing requirements on the JSE)

    Some overlap between corporate and church family life that could be useful. For sure cut out the bits that are not relevant and ponder the bits that are. PS: Love how we do a lot of this at BBC already.

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