In 2017, Lucid Books released Selah: Devotions from the Psalms for those who struggle with devotion.

The book is available on Amazon.

You can find a review for the book here.

Below is a little background to what the book is about.

I love the Psalms. I love the rawness, the awe, the beauty, the anger, the vulnerability, the sorrow, the joy, the hope. There is nothing sterile, aloof, cool, safe, or glammed up about them, and that is what makes them useful to real people like you and me, who wrestle with real experiences of faith and doubt that exist hidden behind our “highlight reel” lives that we continually self-publish to the world on social media. Life can be hard, and confusing, and wonderful all at the same time, and we need honest, real, and worshipful ways of declaring the goodness of God in all of those times. The Psalms help us do just that.

I originally wrote these reflections on the Psalms as a daily blog for our church website. As a pastor, intending them to be a gift to the congregation at Bryanston Bible Church. Many of the people in our church were struggling to engage with the Scriptures daily—even though they wanted to—and so I wanted to model to them what it looked like to have Scripture speak to us and to our circumstances. My deep hope was that it would give our people a small taste of what daily time in the Scriptures looks like and that it would drive them deeper into a pursuit of God’s Word as the foundation of wisdom for their lives.

– Ross 

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