Daily Dose of Courage – Last Post … Thanks for Reading

Dear Friends

This will be the last post in this daily devotions series known as “Daily Dose of Courage.”

It went for longer than I had imagined (none of us had any idea just how prolonged this would be when this all started) and it reached further than I thought. More than 500 of you subscribed and 1000’s of people read the posts across the months. I am grateful for that, and I pray that it has encouraged you some in a small way.

As we emerge from the shelter-in-place orders here in Austin, it seems as good a time as any to stop the daily posts. I have noticed that daily content production of this sort has a slightly corrosive effect. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing them, but I am looking forward to doing some of the hard, private work of replenishing some of the areas of my soul that have been corroded a little in the process. It turns out that when your time in the Word is always focused on public use, it can actually wear away at the private devotion that you so deeply desire. One of my big fears as a pastor is that I would appear more attentive to God and more attuned to His Spirit in public than I truly am in private. I am taking some days off next week to restart some of that private work.

I hope to continue to post a variety of other content on the blog, and if you are subscribed, you will receive notifications of each new post.

Much love to you and yours.

Courage, dear friends.


9 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Courage – Last Post … Thanks for Reading

  1. Thanks Ross, I’ve read and enjoyed your daily posts, but there are times and seasons, so enjoy your next season with the knowledge that you gave much in the last as you sent us your Daily Dose od Courage. Love and hugs, Blanche.

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  2. Honestly your honesty helped me not think I was going crazy during this pandemic. All of us having parts of our idolatry exposed alone but together and seeking the Lord in our private lives together has been a new, confusing and enlightening experience. Sad to see your posts go but understand it is time and look forward to the corporate worship. Maybe we will all be able to be more comfortable with our humanness when we are all together and thru this more empathetic and able to shepherd each other to the throne. I can say you shepherded well thru this blog and i am grateful for it!

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  3. Thank you thank you for all your days of sharing!! Has been truly helpful. May you be blessed in your days off and private times with the Lord. Do you mind if I ask an update on Halim? The last he spoke he was improving, almost vision returned. The other week in church you mentioned him. Did he have more issues? I don’t live in Austin anymore but know Halim from years back. Have been praying. Thank you, Joy Bradford


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  4. Thank you for sharing your heart publicly. Now back to the private work you do on a daily basis. Again, thank you, thank you!

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  5. Ross, thank you so much for faithfully shepherding us during this time of adjusting to a new (hopefully temporary) normal. I am especially grateful for the reminder today of the importance of private devotion. You are a fountain of encouragement in so many ways. Praying your soul finds an abundance of rest and replenishment in the coming days. 🙏🏼


  6. Thank you, Ross, for giving of your time and of yourself through the daily devotional. I have been encouraged and helped in so many ways through them. I will miss them, but pray that you will be refreshed during this time.


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