Daily Dose of Courage – 13 May 2020

Short daily devotionals for the socially distanced. These are thoughts from my daily time in the word. I use a bible reading plan that will have me in a different section of Scripture every day.

I hope they serve to give you courage and hope. You can subscribe to receive them as a daily email at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, May 13th

Reading: 1 Chronicles 7-9

2 Now the first to dwell again in their possessions in their cities were Israel, the priests, the Levites, and the temple servants. 3 And some of the people of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim, and Manasseh lived in Jerusalem:

— 1 Ch 9:2–3 (ESV)

God builds beautiful things out of broken bricks.

He builds a people of promise out of  diverse groups of ordinary nobodies united by nothing except the covenant faithfulness that marks their stories, and the ways in which those stories intertwine in God’s advancing of a Kingdom on earth.

Chronicles reads like a list of random names, but it shows how God cares about story, about legacy, about people, and about covenant continuation. It shows how He values individuals with names as well how they connect to each other in families, clans, tribes and genealogies. It shows how he distributes attributes and giftings into different people for the advance of His purposes. It shows how He is patient, working in timelines that are multi-generational. It shows that He is gracious, working with and among fallen, sinful people who are way less faithful to Him than He is to them.

God still works like this today. He knows our name. He knows our story. He knows how that story is connected with His story. He knows the gifts we need and He has given them to us. He knows how fallen we are, and He is determined to use us anyway.

We, are like the people of old, just broken bricks, being used by God to build a Kingdom that will stand forever.

Courage, dear friends.

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