Week on the Web – 27 September 2019

A weekly focused guide to the smorgasbord of internet choice fatigue. Here are some of the articles that I found of particular interest this past week. Hit me up with some links of material that you enjoyed.

Evangelical Has Lost Its Meaning

Alan Jacobs with lots interesting insights, like this one…

Why do respondents with marginal evangelical characteristics say that they are, in fact, evangelicals? Presumably some intuitively understand “evangelical” as an ethnic, cultural, and political designation rather than a theological or devotional one. Some critics of evangelicals might say they’re right: to such observers, “evangelical” carries as much racial and political freight as theological significance.

The Atheist Revolution

A look at the fastest growing group in American religious classification and what is causing America to lose its religion.

Another Look at the Least Religious Generation

A counterpoint of sorts to the growing group of “nones”. Why twenty-somethings are not actually trending in many of the directions that we presumed that they would.

Acedia: A Deep Danger for Pastors

Care fatigue can be crippling for those on frontlines of ministry, leading to a type of burnout that I fear is more than than we think.

Acedia means a lack or absence of care. And that’s deadly. Whenever we grow numb to Christ’s saving work and the Father’s gracious gifts by which he makes us and preserves us, spiritual boredom takes hold, followed by apathy and subsequent despair. Where acedia takes root in the soul of a pastor, the flock suffers greatly.

Personality Tests are the New Astrology of the Office

I genuinely don’t know how to feel about these tests anymore. I see so many people gaining such insight into themselves and others, but I sense an increasing disquiet about our willingness to classify and categorize people as if they are purely a product of predictable behaviors in accordance with a type. A lot of what seems to flow from that is self-fulfilling nature. “I am a ….. and they behave this way in these scenarios, therefore I will do that. See? Typical …. ”

Hypersonic Flight to Change Long Haul Flying

Oh please, let it be true. Let it be true!

Leaders, Exercising, and How to Keep Doing It

I am in a good season of regular exercise in my life and it really does impact all other areas of my life. I have struggled to find a rhythm that leads to success in this space though. Geiger has some helpful principles here.

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