Week on the Web – 20 September 2019

A weekly focused guide to the smorgasbord of internet choice fatigue. Here are some of the articles that I found of particular interest this past week. Hit me up with some links of material that you enjoyed.

On Life

I am a big fan of the writings of Alan Noble. In this long form piece, he wrestles with mental illness, suicide and the need to fight for the mysterious perseverance of life in the midst of struggle.

The Pressure of Parenting in an Unequal Meritocracy

A remarkable piece about the pressure of parenting children in the upper echelon of society in New York. Our context is different, but I recognize a lot of these same pressures around me. This quote below struck me.

When parents on the fortunate ledge of this chasm gaze down, vertigo stuns them. Far below they see a dim world of processed food, obesity, divorce, addiction, online-education scams, stagnant wages, outsourcing, rising morbidity rates—and they pledge to do whatever they can to keep their children from falling. They’ll stay married, cook organic family meals, read aloud at bedtime every night, take out a crushing mortgage on a house in a highly rated school district, pay for music teachers and test-prep tutors, and donate repeatedly to overendowed alumni funds. The battle to get their children a place near the front of the line begins before conception and continues well into their kids’ adult lives.

Redeeming Ubuntu

Sue and I have the word “ubuntu” written prominently in our living room. It is a Southern African concept of shared humanity and recognition of the dignity of others. Unfortunately, it is seldom lived out, but actually reflects very closely the Christian ideal of community which is also seldom lived out. Our little family is trying to embrace the notion of “ubuntu” even though we are a very long way from where the word was first formulated.

The Prevalence of Sexual Assault

Revolting, demonic, twisted, horrifying. I am from somewhere where the sexual assault stats are way worse than the ones stated in this article, but these are bad enough. I in 16 U.S. women say that their first sexual intercourse was rape. God help us.

Trigger warning.

The Day Robert Mugabe Died

Some helpful thoughts on the complex legacy of Robert Mugabe from my friend Bruce Chimani. Bruce is a Zimbabwean, and a heck of a writer. I can’t wait to see more from his pen, well keyboard anyway.

There Should be Two of Us

Jared C. Wilson writes a painful and beautiful lament about the suicide of Jarrid Wilson. I didn’t know Jarrid, but his fight and his loss has been felt deeply around the world. Lament is the correct approach.

Painting With a Swinging Trapeze

Let’s end it with something a little lighter shall we? I love watching Callen Schaub paint. I know it looks like chaos, but I think this might be a picture of contemporary creative genius.

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