Sermon Notes – Matthew 6:25-34 – “The Antidotes to Anxiety”

This last Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach at the Downtown Congregation of The Austin Stone in our ongoing study of The Gospel of Matthew. The text was Matthew 6:25-34 and it deals with Jesus’ teachings on anxiety in the life of the those who desire to pursue His Kingdom. The response in prayer afterwards was moving and encouraging, and I realized afresh that so many people are tired from the ongoing fight against anxiety.

The main points in summary were:

To fight anxiety:

  • Know your value…you are worth more to Him than the birds.
  • Know God’s creative genius…you are like the flowers of the field.
  • Know your priorities…seek first the Kingdom of God.

You can find the audio and video of the sermon here.

I have attached some rough, unedited notes from the sermon below, if they are helpful.

Matthew 6(25-34)

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