Week on the Web – 1 February 2019

Every now and then I like to collate some of the stuff that I have found interesting on the web in any given week. These are not endorsements, but rather just a starting point for anyone who perhaps would be seeking some broad weekend reading. Enjoy.

Preaching the Whole Counsel of God

Some fascinating research on which books of the Bible are preached most often and which get neglected. Gave me real pause for thought.

Being the Brother of a Mass Shooter

The tragic story of Zach Cruz. Quite long and conflicting but a beautiful read.

The Train Wreck that was New Atheism

Some straight shooting on the four horsemen and the movement that could never hold as a movement, and how it got hijacked.

Mega Pastoral Vacancies in Mega Churches

Rainer on how megachurches are struggling to staff to their senior leadership positions in a time of generational leadership shift. Can’t help but think that it should lead to more healthy approaches to leadership.

Masculinity as Meekness?

In world of very confusing messaging around what genuine masculinity should be, Jared Wilson proposes a good biblical descriptor.

Has Leadership Replaced Discipleship?

I spoke about this recently in a talk I did at the Canvas Conference and it seemed to resonate with a number of people. The title made me nervous because I am passionate about leadership development, but Cole Ryan does a good job of outlining the right sort of questions of our methodology for development.

More Gaga and Less Pence

Apparently that’s what Christianity needs. It is interesting that Christianity in essence gets to be self-defined. Gaga is a Christian coz she says so and ditto for Pence. We don’t stop and apply any sort of definition of what it means to be a follower of Christ. In is, in essence, a truth claim that ought to be able to be confirmed in whether or not one holds to those ancient truth claims.


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