Sermon Notes – Messy Grace (1 Corinthians), Part 1: Unstoppable

In this sermon series we will be spending about 9 months exploring 1 Corinthians. Paul wrote to a small, but gifted group of believers in Corinth who were trying to figure out what it looked like to live a life that honored Christ in the midst of a culture that saw that sort of pursuit as extreme folly. That church in Corinth was really messy, and Paul (though he rebuked and corrected them) spoke of God’s marvelous grace towards them in Christ. Churches continue to be messy today, and God’s grace and loving wisdom continues to be poured out in Christ. We hope that you find the series beneficial.

You can find audio, video and small group notes for the series here.

In week 1 we looked at how the church in Corinth got its start, and how that encourages us today to persevere in the work of making disciples and planting churches.


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