Week on the Web – 12 October

I benefit a great deal every week from some helpful and insightful articles on the internet, and so I thought it might be good to create a weekly forum where I could share some of those that I found interesting, challenging or inspiring. These are in no way an endorsement of all of the content or everything that the writers may stand for, but rather just a sharing of the love, passing on things that have got me thinking during the week. Let me know if you find any of them useful.

The Manipulative Nature of Moods

I am someone who struggles with moods every now and then (fortunately less so now that I used to), and I always just used to accept that as part of who I am. I am starting to fight back against the manipulation that moods can bring. This article was massively helpful.

Preaching Through the Sieve

As someone who preaches regularly, I can sometimes wonder if it is a discipline that is having much impact in the lives of the people to whom it is directed. This anecdote from Spurgeon is a helpful one. Not everyone will remember everything, but change will happen. Keep preaching! While we are on the topic of preaching, here is a good explanation of what preaching actually is.

Why Do Black People Think Everything is About Race

Get yourself a comfy chair. This is a long and uncomfortable read. Don’t read just to disagree. Listen to some of the things that are being said in order to get greater understanding. It doesn’t mean that the post is beyond critique, but first just read to understand more clearly. Would love your thoughts on this one.

Stop Planting Churches

This is very topical as our local church, Bryanston Bible Church, has just decided to do exactly this. Church plants won’t get it done. We need more than that.



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