Sermon Notes – 3 July 2016

Sermons can be a powerful device, but they can be quickly forgotten even if they were impactful on the day. We distribute small group notes for each message at BBC and that helps a lot, but people often ask me for my sermon outline. As a result, I will upload PDF’s of my outlines whenever I preach. Hopefully they will be useful to someone.

Yesterday, we had a very special day at BBC. We are in a series called “10 Things I Wish Jesus Never Said” and text this week was from Mark 3:31-35 where Jesus seems to redefine nuclear family. We finished the service with a time of communion, encouraging people to take the meal with strangers and to pray with one another. The Spirit was with us in a beautiful way. The outline for the message is attached.

10 Things I Wish Jesus Never Said – Part 2

One thought on “Sermon Notes – 3 July 2016

  1. Ross I read the sermon notes and have just listened to the blog, the Lord put life into those notes, BBC will not just grow in numbers but in disciples, and my prayer is that all who sits in the congregation will put into practice what is being taught every week and be blessed/


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